Sunday, June 18, 2023

Highlights from Our Last Full Week of School - June 12, 2023

Highlights from Our Last Full Week of School June 12, 2023

What an extremely busy and incredibly fun final full week of First Grade we had!

To help us count down the last ten days, we have been popping a balloon and finding a special activity inside to do each day.  We have had special activities such as free crafting, forest time, computer time, extra choice time, popsicles, and more!  

We had a super fun time during the Field Day that was organized by Mr. G.!  Thank you, Mr. G.!!  We went through four stations: a water slide, a jumpy house obstacle course, ice cream with sidewalk chalk, and a disco dance party!  Of course, we also had a BBQ-style lunch and ate outside!  

We continued to write about our opinions, writing about a favorite book, and then also onto other topics of choice.  Students have learned about the format of writing their opinions: starting with the introduction where they state the topic and their opinion, giving at least three reasons (and examples) for their opinion, and ending with a conclusion.  They have been really fun to read!  

Our final W.O.W. was accomplish. You may have seen their W.O.W. journals come home earlier in the week.  We are so proud of them for learning many new words to add to their vocabulary and we continue to notice them using these new words and getting excited about them!

During reading workshop, we read a wonderful book called Maybe by Kobi Yamada and dreamed about our own “maybes”.  So much fun!   

We also took time to look back at our Hopes and Dreams that we wrote at the beginning of First Grade and wrote a reflection about where we are now with them.  

We also learned a bit about trees by reading four wonderful books before we headed out to the forest to explore and have fun.  

Two more days to go with these incredible First Graders!  And then they are off to Second Grade!!  They are definitely ready!!